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If your favourite artwork of mine has sold, or you want something bespoke, then commissioning a piece of art is a great way to get a unique piece for your home or loved one. I have completed many custom works  with happy customers, so if you like my style and are interested in a certain subject matter just email me for a free, non-committal,

bespoke quote .

Check out my comment page to see what my clients are saying.


To start the process I need to gather a little bit of info so I can create a piece of art you are happy with and at a comfortable price point for you. This can be over email or messenger.

Some things to think about are…

  • What style you really like - Realistic, intricate dotwork, line and watercolour or quirky character design. You can see more images of my work on my instagram.

  • Your desired size of paper. I usually work on A4, or A3 as these sizes are easy to fit with off-the-shelf frames. If you would like a different size, that's fine too.

  • your subjects, if more than one would you like them on one work or several individual works (discounts apply for second and third works)

  • When commissioning a pet let me know a bit about the animals personality. I do not do photo-realism, instead I pride myself in capturing the unique character of a subject. I will need at least 2 photos in good lighting of each subject.

  • Time frame. An individual work usually takes from 1-3 weeks to complete, but I take bookings in advance so there may often be a wait. If you need a piece by a certain time or have any time constraints do let me know and I will see if I can accommodate you.

After we agree on the size and style I will complete a rough sketch. If you are happy with the direction I  give you an approx completion date.

I shall then send you an invoice for full payment of the piece. Once this has been paid, I immediately start work on your unique piece of art. I will send you progress photos regularly to make sure you are happy with the progress.

Once we agree the piece is finished, I will send you a photo and if you are happy, organise shipping and send your artwork to you!