Hello, my name is Jessica. I live in a the beautiful Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia. I do not like to call myself an artist but I do love to draw and create beautiful images. Drawing from the natural environment surrounding my home, my art tends to favour Australia’s native flora and fauna.

I have always had an affinity with animals and I am extremely blessed to work every day in the  animal welfare industry. But non-profit organisations don't pay very well so I do this on the side.

I have two distinct seperate styles, both mainly a using traditional dip pen and inks with watercolour. 

My natural history illustration is often subtle in colour if not monochromatic. To me this type of art is comparative to an acoustic version of your favourite song.  Stripped right back and nowhere to hide, the raw beauty of the subject must be able to speak for itself. It's honest and unforgiving - and I can appreciate that.

My character work is almost opposite, my goal being to capture the individual characters of our world's amazing animals in a simple and fun way. Personally I relate most to my Coffee Koala character. Always sleepy and wondering when I can have my next coffee.

I love the country in which I live and all it's marvelous, unique, resilient, kooky wildlife. You will see that these glorious creatures make up the bulk of my work. However I also do custom work and have completed many a pet portrait with happy customers, so if you like my style and are interested in a certain subject matter just email me and I will see what I can do.

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